What Types Of Adventure Travel Have People Not Heard Of?

What Types Of Adventure Travel Have People Not Heard Of?

Adventure travel is something which is not known by many people but it is still one of the best kind of travelling experience in comparison to any other travelling experience. Adventure travelling is a kind of travelling in which people go to places which are not very famous or are not been visited by many people. In adventure travelling people go to places which are dangerous and are very difficult for human survival, this is the reason why people do not want to get into adventure travelling. Adventure travelling is risky but that is why it is actually fun doing.

Kinds Of Adventure Travel People Do Not Know About

There are so many kinds of adventure travel but there are few of them which are not known by many of the people. The very first is mountain climbing, yes you read it right, there is adventure travel in which people do a task to climb a mountain to put up their camps on the top of the mountain. This is one of the most fun and risky type of adventure travel in which people climb a mountain and live on the top of the mountain in their camps for a few days. When you reach the top of a mountain then you realise how beautiful it is to see the world from such height.

What is the best adventure travel trip you have ever been on?

Backpacks, bikes, offbeat destinations and landscapes; what else does an adventurer desire. The best adventure travel trip is considered where one explores less travelled roads with a degree of risk. What about a LehLadakh Bike trip? Yes, it is adventurous. But make sure to pick the best season and stunning attractions in the whereabouts.

Planning LehLadakh

Location is majestic but equally vital is to determine the best time and it is in summers. Mid May to Mid-September can be considered the soundest time as all roads toward Ladakh are open and bikers can have a fabulous time. Be sure to visit during this period to warm your eyes with stunning views of the mountain passes.

Explore and satisfy your inner urge

Bike lovers can follow their own path and enjoy sightseeing, make their own camp and view the snow-clad ranges. If you have organized the ride; that’s great otherwise, do visit the below places on your journey:

  • NamgyalTsemoGompa

Visit this tranquil and serene Buddhist Monastery. The grace will unmistakably mesmerize the viewer and the bikers will feel in heaven.

  • Zanskar Valley

Cherish beauty at its best. Every biker will be enchanted by its beauty.

LehLadakh is an unforgettable road trip for the bikers with monasteries, valleys and nature. Be prepared with reserves like fuel, a certain amount of food, bike kit and maps; as the mountains are challenging at times. Adventure travelling is pursued by people who have a strong heart and calibre and the people who do itknows how beautiful it actually is.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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